Monday, 18 November 2013

My everday 5 minuite make-up

Hello everyone today I'm going to be talking about the make up products that I use every day. Everything that I use is from the drugstore as I am poor and have a mild addiction to internet clothes shopping. Despite this I think the drugstore is rather good. In the morning before work or college I take about 5 minutes to do my make up as I am often in a rush , this going I hardly wear any make up I never really have and probably never will. I my fringe covers my eyebrows meaning I don't really make any effort , which I probably should but I am feeling particularly lazy at this moment in time.  Enough rambling from me lets get on with it ! Also I apologize for the condition of my make up , nothing was cleaned for this post , this is the real deal.

 Lets talk about the base of my face first of all. I have insanely dry skin meaning I need a really strong moisturizer , I wake up my face feeling dry and uncomfortable and I need a really quick fix.  The Aveeno Moisturizing cream is perfect for this and perfect for me , if you want a light nice smelling product then this is not for you  , this cream is thick and hydrating and as a result nourishes my skin back to health but  if you have oily skin I would stay clear of this  .I also have sensitive skin meaning I cant have too many perfumed products and that's why I also love it. I also use the Rimmel Fix and Perfect Primer , I personally don't think this is anything special but its not too expensive and when I stopped using it I did notice a different in the lasting of my make up and that's why I continue to buy it. 

I use the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation , I have brought bottle after bottle of this and for me its the best drugstore foundation I have found for me. Once I find something I know works I stick to it , this offers light coverage which actually isn't quite enough for me as I do suffer from Acne scaring and have spot prone skin. This foundation gives a very natural finish and for me that's what I need and want , it also smells amazing. For my concealer I am currently using the Maybeline Dream Lumi Touch which also works as a highlighter , I really love this product and its applicator but for me I need the coverage of the Collection Lasting perfection , as well as this Its nearly as expensive as my foundation.  To set my foundation and concealer I use the N07 Pressed Powder , this product I don't have too much of an opinion on , my mum brought me this spontaneously when I ran out of my Rimmel Stay Matte powder , If I am honest I think its over priced , it dose not do the Job any better than Rimmel but they charge much more the price but overall it does the Job well. 

 For my every day blush I use a dusty pink color that creates a very pretty natural flush. I use Natural Collections Pink Cloud , this product cost 1.99 and has amazing pigmentation , you hardly need any product to build up an effective color. This is my third Pink Cloud and I will continue to repurchase it as it does exactly what I want in a blush and it helps you keep to a really low budget.

As I mostly go for the very simple natural look I use a tinted Lip Balm. As well as having dry skin I have very dry lips and sometimes I feel most lipsticks dry them out even more. I mostly use this Maybeline Babylip in pink punch. I love the Babylip's they nourish whilst giving a natural every day color. Pink Punch smells amazing and gives off a very simple light pink glow to your lips which I love for my every day use. If I haven't been wearing that color I have been sporting the bold red lip as it is winter and red is such a Christmas color. 

I apologize how dirty my brushes are but my powder broke and drenched them in product. For my foundation I use the Real Techniques expert Face brush. I adore this brush , its ridiculously soft as well that it  apply s foundation smoothly and evenly and I want to get more of the Real Techniques brushes , however if I am in a particular rush I do use my hands.  For Powder I just use a big fluffy brush from 17 in boots , its reasonably soft and was very reasonably priced. And finally for blush I just use a basic Elf Blush Brush from my travel set which is very useful for fitting in my make up bag.

For Mascara I use Maybeline's the Falsies Flared , this is my favorite mascara I have found in the drugstore. It has a curved wand which for makes it allot easier when creating volume in my lashes , it makes my lashes look long and create the effect that I am wearing false eye lashes. I use Collection Work The Color Eye shadow Pencil in vanilla sky which is a beautiful light shimmery champagne to highlight the inner comer of my eye to create the illusion of me looking more awake and making my eyes bigger ,  also I lput it lightly across my lid for a natural shimmer , this product really helps me save time in the morning. Finally I use just a normal eyelash curler from Superdrug , cheap but does the Job. 

Thank You for Reading today's post
I would love to Know what products you like to use every day ? 
Maddy xx

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Body Image

Hello everyone today I wanted to go away from what I normally talk about and just write about a topic I feel very strongly about. These views are my own and when I express my own opinion I would never try to offend any body because at the end of the day this is just what I think.  Today I want to talk about body image.

As human beings we all have this idealistic image in our head of how we would like to look , how much we would like to weigh , what hair and eye color we would love to have.The real question you have to ask your self is if you had these things would you be happy ? Or would just want to keep changing more ? Your aesthetics will not change you as a person , you are more than skin deep and if you cant love your self for who you are now then changing your eye color isn't going to complete those needs.  If I am going to be completely honest you nether meet a person who is satisfied with there appearance when they look in the mirror. You are your worst critic , I am going to come right and say that I am a culprit of this. From about 11 to 14 I suffered from terrible low self esteem , I thought I was fat , I thought I was ugly , I had a terrible relationship with mirrors. The main issue I had was with my weight , I have never been over weight but I have never been really skinny. But when I looked in the mirror I was repulsed , Shopping was once upon a time something I loved but in the end I despised it because off the amount of mirrors. I had several break downs in primark with the large mirrors because I was so disgusted with what I saw.  I had an awful relationship with food because off it , I would either not eat anything at all or stress eat and that got me absolutely know where.

The fact is at the end of the day that to over come this is to try and learn to love your self. One day on the first day of year 10 I wore my Hair loose for the first times in years in front of people , some may think that's pathetic but to me that was a big deal , and just a simple step out of my comfort zone made me feel so much better . Some people may say I have improved because of the way I dress now is allot more me but also allot more brave , having my legs on show , wearing fitted dresses , things that I would never have done a couple of years ago. But then again I have become allot more obsessive in my appearance with the addiction of make up. There is allays going to be something you dont like about your self , for me its my skin and my legs. I have allays had a battle with my legs but its something I'm working on.

It dose not matter if your a size 6 and it dose not matter if your a size 16. People may think that I am Fat but science says I'm not  and I'm near to the point of not caring, I am a healthy weight and I love to eat food. I am a size 10/12 , sometimes I can be a size 8 and sometimes I can be a size 14 , but the thing is its a number , it doesn't make me any more intelligent , it dose not make me a nicer or more horrible person , its just makes me , me.

 You should not change for anyone else apart from you , don't think you need to try and put on weight because people think your 'too skinny' if that's your natural build and don't feel you should loose weight because you don't look a like certain way in which society thinks you should. The fact is that the pictures you see on magazines are not real , they are edited to the extreme , people don't look like that. If you want to loose weight for you because you think that it will make you healthier or maybe you want to loose a bit before a holiday then that is fine but don't ever feel that you should have to look a certain way to fit in. I think that one of the most attractive quality's a person can have is confidence in them selves , not arrogance but is happy within them selves and that really shines through.

Confidence dose not just come over night , its something that has to be worked on gradually. It has taken my years to get to the place I am now and I still have a whole lot to go. The important thing is not too concentrate on other people and what there doing , just because your friends on a diet dose not mean you have to as well , you will get to where you need to get to in your own time. What works for me is wearing something I love and that I feel comfortable in , it just makes you feel a million times better. 

Someone who I really love is Gok Wan , he helps women and men grow in confidence no matter what there size.He is also trying to put body confidence on the school lesson plan  which I think is vital and an excellent idea , allot of body imagery problems build up from your teenage years and education is key , the more people no the more it can be stopped.  Some people think that body image dost affect boys , but people couldn't be more wrong , they still feel they have an expectation to live up to , body image is affected by all people and that's why I think having it in a lesson would be so important. 

I am going to try and round this ramble up if I can. In conclusion there will be someone out there who finds you beautiful or attractive for who you are. It breaks my heart when I see a friend or someone I know who I think is beautiful put them selves down or call them selves ugly. That attribute you hate about your self might be that aspect someone loves.I am very critical of my self  , I am wanting to be an Actress and going into an industry where image can be everything , but If I was ever to be given such a gracious chance to work as an actress then I would try and be a role model.  Everyone has bad days but there will always be someone who thinks your beautiful and that's because everyone is in there own way. 

I know this has been more of a serious post today but I personally think its long over due
I hope you enjoyed it
Maddy xox 

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Sweater Weather Tag

Hello everyone , once again I have been rubbish about posting on my blog and I do apologize  with all my heart It isn't acceptable but I have been super busy recently. I thought what is a good way of coming back on my blog then a good old Tag about cosy winter fun ,my favorite time of year is Autumn or fall as some call it and the build up to Christmas. Anyone who knows me I have been excited about Christmas since about September and Im so happy now all the Christmas adverts are on the TV it makes me feel really festive.  Anyways less of the rambling more of topic , today I am doing the sweater weather tag , this has been going around on you tube but as I don't have a you tube I thought why not put it on my blog ! Lets get on with the questions.

1. Favorite candle scent?
I'm not actually aloud to have candles in my room as my mum thinks I will burn the house down or burn my self. But that dost stop me going into Yankee candle and having a good browse , I would have to say my favorite scents are a strong cinnamon flavor which I just love around the Christmas time , or a Gingerbread flavor , last year I got the body shop gingerbread man body butter and it smelt divine.
2. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?
I think you can guess by the picture , hot chocolate all the way. I cant stand coffee or tea the smell of them both repulse me. In the winter my mum makes the best hot chocolates with whipped cream , marshmallows and a flake , its so yummy.
3. What's the best fall memory you have?
A most recent memory that comes to  mind is probably when I went to London with Rangers around this time last year to see the mayors parade , It made feel really festive going around the shops in oxford street with all the Christmas lights up. A highlight for me was definitively the Disney store in all its prime , that for me is a real Christmas treat , there decorations where fabulous and I am a Disney addict.
5. Best fragrance for fall?
I am loving my white vanilla musk body spray from the body shop that I got for my birthday ,I also have the matching body butter , I love vanilla cents they remind of baking and cupcakes. I love sweet smells the best in the winter and to the lead up to Christmas.

6. Favorite Thanksgiving food?
Well we don't celebrate thanksgiving in the united kingdom but from watching friends I get an idea of what sort of food they eat and I must say I love stuffing , I don't no if they eat that but with a roast dinner stuffing is probably my favorite thing.
7. What is autumn weather like where you live?
Autumn is mostly really pretty with all the different colored leaves , it can start to get allot colder and I love to wrap up nice and warm in cosy jumpers. That's the nice side of autumn , but as I do live in Britain it can rain allot and be really windy , it honestly depends in England the weather is so unpredictable.
8. Most worn sweater?
This year I would have to say would be my rib knitted plum jumper , its ridiculously cosy and keeps me so warm and the best thing about it is that it cost eight pounds from Primark , such a bargain and its really good quality. Its loose which means you can put shirts under it and have the collar poking out but you can still layer up , it a great basic to have . Burgundy /plum is my favorite color for winter , I think think its such a flattering color and reminds me of Christmas.

9. Must-have nail polish this fall?
I would say raspberry by Barry M , its a really lovely dark plum color ( a running theme here) , I just love this color for fall and I adore Barry M nail Paints. Another Nail polish that's new to my collection that I also love but its very similar is celebrity bash by Rimmel , a beautiful rich color. (apologies for my chipped nails)

10. Football games or jumping in leaf piles?
You would never catch me playing football ever , and if you do your probabily dreaming or it was for charity. Jumping in piles of leaves is really fun and satisfying , kicking through them when your walking down the street is exceptionally fun.
11. Skinny jeans or leggings?
Despite not liking my legs in them that much definitively leggings , I love Jeans but I find them so uncomfortable. Leggings can be like walking around in your pajamas there so comfy , you can move around in them and I just feel much more warm in them. They are also mostly cheaper and I have quite a few pairs.
12. Combat boots or Uggs?
Probably neither ..
13. Is pumpkin spice worth the hype?
Im not a fan of pumpkin so I can imagine to me I probably wouldn't be impressed.
14. Favorite fall TV show?
I watch the same TV shows all year round but my favorite of all time Glee has just started again and its such a fabulous season , maybe my favorite so far.

15. What song really gets you into the fall spirit ?
I Would have to say any Christmas song that pops up on the radio , I'm not fussy !!

          Thank you for reading and I TAG anyone who wants to do it xox.

 A quick hair update , yesterday I got a full fringe cut in and I thought I would briefly share this with you as I was so nervous about doing it.

Have a great day

Monday, 7 October 2013

17 years off age

Hello everyone I am going to be doing a life style post today , I know I have not done one of these since the dawn of time but they are about to make a come back I can just tell. Today is the 7th of October 2013 which can only mean one thing ITS MY BIRTHDAY , a day that everyone will remember in history. I have to say its been a pretty good 17 years and at the tender age of 17 I am the happiest I have ever been. The last few months of High School besides prom weren't the greatest with friendships ending and people giving me a hard time oh and doing exams , despite all this there is allays a light in the darkness and that was my best friend Shane and me having the best time in our performing arts class. I have to say the highlight of the last months or so were my best friends GCSE results , omg Jenny and shane both did beyond incredible what intelligent beautiful people they are. As usual I am going off topic , lets start go back to little maddy.

( this isnt me this is Jenny , who is mentioned throughout this post )

10 year old Maddy is what I like to call the 'Tom boy' years , I must admit I am ashamed of my clothing choices back in my naive days but as a 10 year old girl who liked to climb trees I feel that my self esteem and naivety got in the way when it came to fashion Choices , I must admit I couldn't be more different now. From the ages of 10-14 I had incredible low self esteem and I though by dressing in baggy clothes I could hide my body and people wouldn't notice me , I was wrong I just looked stupid.  Around this age I really started to get into my performing and I found my love for being on stage , I also found my love for musicals and this meant me and my dad went on many trips to the west end.

                                                       Early Teens .....
Not trying to be negative but my early teens have probably been my least favourite years into reasons that arnt necessary in this post , warning hideous pictures are ahead.

I know what your all thinking , what is that pony tail ? why maddy just why did you choose to dress like a boy ? I guess there are some things we can never change. I can feel my friend shane looking at these in Horror.

 At 12/13 I had began High School and I can tell you I hated it , I had gone from a middle school where everyone had been friends to going to a place where it was survival  of the fittest , I hated my first few years of high school if I am going to be honest. 

Despite this I did have something great and that was that I went to Guides with my best friend jenny , I have gone from being a rainbow to a Ranger and I owe them so much ,it has been that constant rock in my life and I have had so many opportunity's with them and now I am a brownie leader. The top picture is me and my friend jenny when we were about 13 supposedly meant to be supervising the brownies but as you can see we are not doing a very good job. 

I like to call this time period I met Shane and slightly blossomed a dress sense. 

 In year 10 I started my GCSCE's Which included performing arts and this was my favourite year at school. 
I remember walking into the class and feeling the most nervous I have ever felt , the class was full of people that where very popular and I was quite the opposite. At first I was a complete loner but then it all changed. About two weeks in I spoke to Shane , I had never met someone who had a deep love for , musicals , Glee and shoes as much as I do , the rest is history we became best friends and staid joint at the hip through the rest of High School. I dont think I tell him enough how glad I am hes one of my best friends, I wouldnt be who I am today without him , we have stuck by each other through bullys to 
having eggs thrown at us but I know we will always be there for each other , cheesy I know.. 
I cant describe some of the things we got up to at school in performing arts , running away from each other around the school after dark , dancing to steps and having fights with the GCSE drama kids on twitter , we were like a family. 

Throughout these years I also had an incredible time with Jenny , we literally talk , eat and watch disney together. I have known Jenny since I was 4 and I cant tell her how much I love her , she has been my rock and despite our difference of opinions on eyebrows we will be friends for ever. 


So here I am now 17 years into my Life having finished high school with GCSE's and going with shane to the prom , coming out of high school with not the same amount of friends I started with but the two I know will be in my life for ever.  

I am now at college with shane studying to be an Actor and having the time of my life , making new friends and studying something I have a real passion for. Leaving school has made me realise I nether
want to go back !!

I am sorry that this post was really long and maybe it didn't make alot of sense to most of you but I wrote this for me because when I turn whateva age and I can look back on my childhood and think wow Maddy you have done pretty well.

Have a really Fabulous day

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Autumn Wish List 2013

Hello everyone , First of all lets discuss the elephant in the room aka my lack of blogging , I don't have an excuses really apart from starting college and lack of inspiration. Anyway I am having a comeback and what better than to start with then ogling over the gorgeous selection of autumnal clothing that I wish I could have.
My favourite trend for autumn which is very obvious in in my wish list is black and white. I Just love it , I think its simple but elegant and is so versatile. 

First things first lets talk dresses , I am a bit obsessed with dresses. I feel if you buy the right one they can be so flattering , for me I don't like my legs and dresses skim over the part of my legs I dislike the most. The black dress with the white collar is from Topshop and its just adorable , I am a sucker for peter pan collars. The thing I love about this dress the most is the shape of it , the panels at the side help people with hips and curves very flattering and would nip me in at the waste which is the smallest part of me. The other dress is just plain fabulous , there's not much to say really to much about it apart from I love it.

Now I want to talk about my favourite thing on the list. These are a pair of trousers , I know not everyone will like them but I am a massive fan of them.
These are high wasted trousers with an elastic waste , they have a dog tooth pattern and very in touch with the black and white trend for fall 2013. I would style these with a white shirt / top tucked in with a statement necklace. Maybe with the shirt in my wish list which I think is simple but cute.

When It comes to footwear I am a bit addicted to buying shoes. I love the little black booties on my wish list , there so versatile and go with so many things. They would look perfect with white frilly socks and bring together an outfit. These are the perfect boots for this autumn. Whit converse are also on my list , I love converse they are ridiculously comfy and are casual , I have a black pair that was given to me by my bestie shane which I adore and have worn to death , I feel you can pair converse with so many things that there worth the money.

Anyone who knows me knows I love owls , so why wouldn't I want them on a hat. I get really excited in the winter when all the scarves , gloves and hats come out because there all so adorable. November / December time is my favourite when you get to wear warm snugly clothing and I want this hat to keep my head warm !!!

Finally Make up , the red lipstick has made a return into my wish list , If you read back to the last one I had a red lipstick cropped up in that one as well. Red is bold and is amazing for winter , I love how Taylor Swift rocks red lippy and I want to do the same !!! Yesterday with encouragement from my friends I brought it and I have to say I love it. It can be officially ticked off my list. The Final Item on my list is a nail polish , I have a small problem when it comes to nail polish as I just want it all , this colour is just beautiful its a deep purple that I just love. Its the Barry m gelly nail polish in blackberry , I love the formula of these nail polishes they make the colour rich and glossy which makes your nails look incredible and with this colour you are ready for fall.
 Those are all the things I wish I could have for fall 2013 
I would love to know what you want for autumn and winter
and I hope you have a great day
Maddy xx

Saturday, 31 August 2013

August Empties

Hello everyone I hope your having a really lovely day , today I am writing my first ever  empties post. I have noticed recently that I have been going through allot more products more recently , I find that cover up for me is something I go through a bit too quickly because I am constantly retouching my face. The products I have been getting through this month are all drugstore as usual and are all on the really affordable spectrum. lets stop with the gabble and lets get started ! 

The First empties I am going to talk about are the make up that I have used up this month. This month I have used up my staple items eg, my cover up and foundation. It normally takes me a couple of months to go through my foundation but I can go through a cover up in a couple of weeks. I should go to concelar anonymous because I love them so much !

Rimmel Match perfection Foundation: This is my every day foundation , this is probably about my third bottle and its the foundation I am going to carry on using until I find a better on. I love this foundation because it gives a soft dewy finish , one negative I would say about this foundation is that it does sometimes cling to the dry patches on my face which with dry skin I am not a massive fan of. I love the Rimmel Foundations and I will keep repurchasing this one.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concelar:  This is another holy grail product of mine , I think that this works miracles the coverage is amazing. I think that this is perfect for hiding bags under your eyes and discolouration in this skin which I have allot off. I have brought so many of them countless times and I will carry on doing this because this product is excellent.

Collection Colour Match: I have had this product for quite a while , I brought it because I quite like collection as an affordable brand. I am honestly not a fan of this product , I find it drys my skin out and doesn't give a very natural finish. I used this product when I run out of my every day foundation and have not had the chance to buy a new one , I wont be repurchasing this product again. Despite that this just my opinion and some of you may really like it !

     My next Make up Product that I have used up this month is my Maybeline Great Lash Mascara.

The reason I brought this mascara was because it was really cheap at 4.99 , I did quite like this mascara its not my favourite one I have used but for the price I think it does a pretty good job. It lengthens the lashes and makes them really bold , one thing I would say is for it too look the best you finitely should
 curl your eyelashes. I may buy this again as it was reasonable priced and it did an good job.

My next empty is the bastiste dry shampoo in cherry

Before this I had never really used dry shampoo and I brought this when I was going camping. I love this product and now having used up the small travel sized bottle I have brought the big bottle. I love the smell , anyone that knows me well is aware of how much I love cherry cents. When I use this I feel like it really refreshes my hair , if my hair is looking a bit tired then I can sprat this to give it a bit off volume. It makes my hair looks cleaner and I love it.

This month I have used up my Boots Mango and Papya Body spray , this had made a view appearances on my blog and I love it I am really quite sad that I have finished it. Its such a sweet smell and I cant get enough of it , it has lasted me quite a long time and I will definitely be buying another one. I have also used up my sure deodorant , I don't really have much to say about it as I honestly pick up a deodorant that just smells fresh and it does the job !

My final product I have used up this month is my simple moisturiser.
I really love the simple range its so affordable and fantastic when you have really sensitive skin like mine. It moisturised my face well without making it greasy , it has no harsh chemicals so it didn't make me break out or give me an allergic reaction which believe you me is quite common with my skin type. The only thing I would say is that with my super dry skin it dose not allays give it enough moisture it needs but other than that this is a really excellent affordable moisturiser.

     I hope you enjoyed this post and I would love to know what products you used up this month !

Love Maddy xx

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

OOTD // Floral Fun

I know summer is coming to an end as much as I love fall fashion I love the adorable printed dresses that come with the summer season. I cant believe this dress came from Tesco and I remember it was quite a reasonable price . The thing I like about this dress is that its so light so when it is hot you can keep really cool , I am also really obsessed with floral pattern in all seasons. At this current moment in my life I am just crazy about bows I think there super adorable and I just love to put them in my hair , I think there preppy and make everything super cute !

                                                             Dress: Tesco
                                                             Bow:   Ebay
                                                               Have a Fabulous day !
                                                                    Maddy xx