Sunday, 29 September 2013

Autumn Wish List 2013

Hello everyone , First of all lets discuss the elephant in the room aka my lack of blogging , I don't have an excuses really apart from starting college and lack of inspiration. Anyway I am having a comeback and what better than to start with then ogling over the gorgeous selection of autumnal clothing that I wish I could have.
My favourite trend for autumn which is very obvious in in my wish list is black and white. I Just love it , I think its simple but elegant and is so versatile. 

First things first lets talk dresses , I am a bit obsessed with dresses. I feel if you buy the right one they can be so flattering , for me I don't like my legs and dresses skim over the part of my legs I dislike the most. The black dress with the white collar is from Topshop and its just adorable , I am a sucker for peter pan collars. The thing I love about this dress the most is the shape of it , the panels at the side help people with hips and curves very flattering and would nip me in at the waste which is the smallest part of me. The other dress is just plain fabulous , there's not much to say really to much about it apart from I love it.

Now I want to talk about my favourite thing on the list. These are a pair of trousers , I know not everyone will like them but I am a massive fan of them.
These are high wasted trousers with an elastic waste , they have a dog tooth pattern and very in touch with the black and white trend for fall 2013. I would style these with a white shirt / top tucked in with a statement necklace. Maybe with the shirt in my wish list which I think is simple but cute.

When It comes to footwear I am a bit addicted to buying shoes. I love the little black booties on my wish list , there so versatile and go with so many things. They would look perfect with white frilly socks and bring together an outfit. These are the perfect boots for this autumn. Whit converse are also on my list , I love converse they are ridiculously comfy and are casual , I have a black pair that was given to me by my bestie shane which I adore and have worn to death , I feel you can pair converse with so many things that there worth the money.

Anyone who knows me knows I love owls , so why wouldn't I want them on a hat. I get really excited in the winter when all the scarves , gloves and hats come out because there all so adorable. November / December time is my favourite when you get to wear warm snugly clothing and I want this hat to keep my head warm !!!

Finally Make up , the red lipstick has made a return into my wish list , If you read back to the last one I had a red lipstick cropped up in that one as well. Red is bold and is amazing for winter , I love how Taylor Swift rocks red lippy and I want to do the same !!! Yesterday with encouragement from my friends I brought it and I have to say I love it. It can be officially ticked off my list. The Final Item on my list is a nail polish , I have a small problem when it comes to nail polish as I just want it all , this colour is just beautiful its a deep purple that I just love. Its the Barry m gelly nail polish in blackberry , I love the formula of these nail polishes they make the colour rich and glossy which makes your nails look incredible and with this colour you are ready for fall.
 Those are all the things I wish I could have for fall 2013 
I would love to know what you want for autumn and winter
and I hope you have a great day
Maddy xx


  1. those black boots, OMG! those trousers, I am in love! If you don't get them, then I will!!xxxxxxxxx