Monday, 7 October 2013

17 years off age

Hello everyone I am going to be doing a life style post today , I know I have not done one of these since the dawn of time but they are about to make a come back I can just tell. Today is the 7th of October 2013 which can only mean one thing ITS MY BIRTHDAY , a day that everyone will remember in history. I have to say its been a pretty good 17 years and at the tender age of 17 I am the happiest I have ever been. The last few months of High School besides prom weren't the greatest with friendships ending and people giving me a hard time oh and doing exams , despite all this there is allays a light in the darkness and that was my best friend Shane and me having the best time in our performing arts class. I have to say the highlight of the last months or so were my best friends GCSE results , omg Jenny and shane both did beyond incredible what intelligent beautiful people they are. As usual I am going off topic , lets start go back to little maddy.

( this isnt me this is Jenny , who is mentioned throughout this post )

10 year old Maddy is what I like to call the 'Tom boy' years , I must admit I am ashamed of my clothing choices back in my naive days but as a 10 year old girl who liked to climb trees I feel that my self esteem and naivety got in the way when it came to fashion Choices , I must admit I couldn't be more different now. From the ages of 10-14 I had incredible low self esteem and I though by dressing in baggy clothes I could hide my body and people wouldn't notice me , I was wrong I just looked stupid.  Around this age I really started to get into my performing and I found my love for being on stage , I also found my love for musicals and this meant me and my dad went on many trips to the west end.

                                                       Early Teens .....
Not trying to be negative but my early teens have probably been my least favourite years into reasons that arnt necessary in this post , warning hideous pictures are ahead.

I know what your all thinking , what is that pony tail ? why maddy just why did you choose to dress like a boy ? I guess there are some things we can never change. I can feel my friend shane looking at these in Horror.

 At 12/13 I had began High School and I can tell you I hated it , I had gone from a middle school where everyone had been friends to going to a place where it was survival  of the fittest , I hated my first few years of high school if I am going to be honest. 

Despite this I did have something great and that was that I went to Guides with my best friend jenny , I have gone from being a rainbow to a Ranger and I owe them so much ,it has been that constant rock in my life and I have had so many opportunity's with them and now I am a brownie leader. The top picture is me and my friend jenny when we were about 13 supposedly meant to be supervising the brownies but as you can see we are not doing a very good job. 

I like to call this time period I met Shane and slightly blossomed a dress sense. 

 In year 10 I started my GCSCE's Which included performing arts and this was my favourite year at school. 
I remember walking into the class and feeling the most nervous I have ever felt , the class was full of people that where very popular and I was quite the opposite. At first I was a complete loner but then it all changed. About two weeks in I spoke to Shane , I had never met someone who had a deep love for , musicals , Glee and shoes as much as I do , the rest is history we became best friends and staid joint at the hip through the rest of High School. I dont think I tell him enough how glad I am hes one of my best friends, I wouldnt be who I am today without him , we have stuck by each other through bullys to 
having eggs thrown at us but I know we will always be there for each other , cheesy I know.. 
I cant describe some of the things we got up to at school in performing arts , running away from each other around the school after dark , dancing to steps and having fights with the GCSE drama kids on twitter , we were like a family. 

Throughout these years I also had an incredible time with Jenny , we literally talk , eat and watch disney together. I have known Jenny since I was 4 and I cant tell her how much I love her , she has been my rock and despite our difference of opinions on eyebrows we will be friends for ever. 


So here I am now 17 years into my Life having finished high school with GCSE's and going with shane to the prom , coming out of high school with not the same amount of friends I started with but the two I know will be in my life for ever.  

I am now at college with shane studying to be an Actor and having the time of my life , making new friends and studying something I have a real passion for. Leaving school has made me realise I nether
want to go back !!

I am sorry that this post was really long and maybe it didn't make alot of sense to most of you but I wrote this for me because when I turn whateva age and I can look back on my childhood and think wow Maddy you have done pretty well.

Have a really Fabulous day


  1. This is such a lovely post :) I hope you reach all your dreams! Thank you for your lovely comment on my post :) I'm following you hun

    F xx