Saturday, 31 August 2013

August Empties

Hello everyone I hope your having a really lovely day , today I am writing my first ever  empties post. I have noticed recently that I have been going through allot more products more recently , I find that cover up for me is something I go through a bit too quickly because I am constantly retouching my face. The products I have been getting through this month are all drugstore as usual and are all on the really affordable spectrum. lets stop with the gabble and lets get started ! 

The First empties I am going to talk about are the make up that I have used up this month. This month I have used up my staple items eg, my cover up and foundation. It normally takes me a couple of months to go through my foundation but I can go through a cover up in a couple of weeks. I should go to concelar anonymous because I love them so much !

Rimmel Match perfection Foundation: This is my every day foundation , this is probably about my third bottle and its the foundation I am going to carry on using until I find a better on. I love this foundation because it gives a soft dewy finish , one negative I would say about this foundation is that it does sometimes cling to the dry patches on my face which with dry skin I am not a massive fan of. I love the Rimmel Foundations and I will keep repurchasing this one.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concelar:  This is another holy grail product of mine , I think that this works miracles the coverage is amazing. I think that this is perfect for hiding bags under your eyes and discolouration in this skin which I have allot off. I have brought so many of them countless times and I will carry on doing this because this product is excellent.

Collection Colour Match: I have had this product for quite a while , I brought it because I quite like collection as an affordable brand. I am honestly not a fan of this product , I find it drys my skin out and doesn't give a very natural finish. I used this product when I run out of my every day foundation and have not had the chance to buy a new one , I wont be repurchasing this product again. Despite that this just my opinion and some of you may really like it !

     My next Make up Product that I have used up this month is my Maybeline Great Lash Mascara.

The reason I brought this mascara was because it was really cheap at 4.99 , I did quite like this mascara its not my favourite one I have used but for the price I think it does a pretty good job. It lengthens the lashes and makes them really bold , one thing I would say is for it too look the best you finitely should
 curl your eyelashes. I may buy this again as it was reasonable priced and it did an good job.

My next empty is the bastiste dry shampoo in cherry

Before this I had never really used dry shampoo and I brought this when I was going camping. I love this product and now having used up the small travel sized bottle I have brought the big bottle. I love the smell , anyone that knows me well is aware of how much I love cherry cents. When I use this I feel like it really refreshes my hair , if my hair is looking a bit tired then I can sprat this to give it a bit off volume. It makes my hair looks cleaner and I love it.

This month I have used up my Boots Mango and Papya Body spray , this had made a view appearances on my blog and I love it I am really quite sad that I have finished it. Its such a sweet smell and I cant get enough of it , it has lasted me quite a long time and I will definitely be buying another one. I have also used up my sure deodorant , I don't really have much to say about it as I honestly pick up a deodorant that just smells fresh and it does the job !

My final product I have used up this month is my simple moisturiser.
I really love the simple range its so affordable and fantastic when you have really sensitive skin like mine. It moisturised my face well without making it greasy , it has no harsh chemicals so it didn't make me break out or give me an allergic reaction which believe you me is quite common with my skin type. The only thing I would say is that with my super dry skin it dose not allays give it enough moisture it needs but other than that this is a really excellent affordable moisturiser.

     I hope you enjoyed this post and I would love to know what products you used up this month !

Love Maddy xx


  1. I have the boots body spray too, not the same one though, I have the Wild Strawberry one. I used mine up too! Great blog by the way!

  2. i love the boots sprays smell amazing , thank you xx