Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Body Image

Hello everyone today I wanted to go away from what I normally talk about and just write about a topic I feel very strongly about. These views are my own and when I express my own opinion I would never try to offend any body because at the end of the day this is just what I think.  Today I want to talk about body image.

As human beings we all have this idealistic image in our head of how we would like to look , how much we would like to weigh , what hair and eye color we would love to have.The real question you have to ask your self is if you had these things would you be happy ? Or would just want to keep changing more ? Your aesthetics will not change you as a person , you are more than skin deep and if you cant love your self for who you are now then changing your eye color isn't going to complete those needs.  If I am going to be completely honest you nether meet a person who is satisfied with there appearance when they look in the mirror. You are your worst critic , I am going to come right and say that I am a culprit of this. From about 11 to 14 I suffered from terrible low self esteem , I thought I was fat , I thought I was ugly , I had a terrible relationship with mirrors. The main issue I had was with my weight , I have never been over weight but I have never been really skinny. But when I looked in the mirror I was repulsed , Shopping was once upon a time something I loved but in the end I despised it because off the amount of mirrors. I had several break downs in primark with the large mirrors because I was so disgusted with what I saw.  I had an awful relationship with food because off it , I would either not eat anything at all or stress eat and that got me absolutely know where.

The fact is at the end of the day that to over come this is to try and learn to love your self. One day on the first day of year 10 I wore my Hair loose for the first times in years in front of people , some may think that's pathetic but to me that was a big deal , and just a simple step out of my comfort zone made me feel so much better . Some people may say I have improved because of the way I dress now is allot more me but also allot more brave , having my legs on show , wearing fitted dresses , things that I would never have done a couple of years ago. But then again I have become allot more obsessive in my appearance with the addiction of make up. There is allays going to be something you dont like about your self , for me its my skin and my legs. I have allays had a battle with my legs but its something I'm working on.

It dose not matter if your a size 6 and it dose not matter if your a size 16. People may think that I am Fat but science says I'm not  and I'm near to the point of not caring, I am a healthy weight and I love to eat food. I am a size 10/12 , sometimes I can be a size 8 and sometimes I can be a size 14 , but the thing is its a number , it doesn't make me any more intelligent , it dose not make me a nicer or more horrible person , its just makes me , me.

 You should not change for anyone else apart from you , don't think you need to try and put on weight because people think your 'too skinny' if that's your natural build and don't feel you should loose weight because you don't look a like certain way in which society thinks you should. The fact is that the pictures you see on magazines are not real , they are edited to the extreme , people don't look like that. If you want to loose weight for you because you think that it will make you healthier or maybe you want to loose a bit before a holiday then that is fine but don't ever feel that you should have to look a certain way to fit in. I think that one of the most attractive quality's a person can have is confidence in them selves , not arrogance but is happy within them selves and that really shines through.

Confidence dose not just come over night , its something that has to be worked on gradually. It has taken my years to get to the place I am now and I still have a whole lot to go. The important thing is not too concentrate on other people and what there doing , just because your friends on a diet dose not mean you have to as well , you will get to where you need to get to in your own time. What works for me is wearing something I love and that I feel comfortable in , it just makes you feel a million times better. 

Someone who I really love is Gok Wan , he helps women and men grow in confidence no matter what there size.He is also trying to put body confidence on the school lesson plan  which I think is vital and an excellent idea , allot of body imagery problems build up from your teenage years and education is key , the more people no the more it can be stopped.  Some people think that body image dost affect boys , but people couldn't be more wrong , they still feel they have an expectation to live up to , body image is affected by all people and that's why I think having it in a lesson would be so important. 

I am going to try and round this ramble up if I can. In conclusion there will be someone out there who finds you beautiful or attractive for who you are. It breaks my heart when I see a friend or someone I know who I think is beautiful put them selves down or call them selves ugly. That attribute you hate about your self might be that aspect someone loves.I am very critical of my self  , I am wanting to be an Actress and going into an industry where image can be everything , but If I was ever to be given such a gracious chance to work as an actress then I would try and be a role model.  Everyone has bad days but there will always be someone who thinks your beautiful and that's because everyone is in there own way. 

I know this has been more of a serious post today but I personally think its long over due
I hope you enjoyed it
Maddy xox 

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