Thursday, 22 August 2013

Back To School Beauty Essentails

Hey everyone today's post is school related , I know that mentioning school is a rainy cloud on a sunny day but at some point we all have to give in defeat and acknowledge that school is festering closer and the summer holidays have to at some point draw to a close. For me September is daunting as I am starting collage with new people and a different location , scary I know. When I am at school there are some things that I just cannot live without , my number one pet peeve is having chapped lips and for me a day without lip balm is like a day without water , dramatic I know. If your in high school or starting uni these are my vital must haves when surviving school.

First things first is hygiene , I don't no how many classrooms I walk into and there is that stench of teenager. I think to try and avoid this keeping deodorant with you at all times is just a must have , it keeps you smelling fresh and In general makes you feel better and more confident. As well as this I love it when people have a nice scent so things like body sprays are not just going to make you happy but everyone else around you !

I love fruity scents and the boots natural collection ones are so cheap at 2 pounds , the mango and papaya body spray smells so delicious and fruity , a essential to carry around with you.

I don't really Like to carry around allot of make up around with me , I tend to just stick to carrying around cover up and a lip balm.  For me I am just too lazy to keep retouching my make up whilst I am at school also its a fight to get a space in front of a mirror , if I feel I need to cover up a spot urgently then I can whip out my concealer and just apply lip balm  throughout the day. These are some of the make up products I suggest you could bring if you wanted too.

Cover up and Powder- This isn't such a problem for me but if you have oily skin then during they day you want to calm it down a bit I do advise brining a powder for you , I use the No7 one but I recommend Rimmel Stay Matte powder as its around 4 pounds and works wonders.  I use collection last perfection concealer because its around 4 pounds and has such amazing coverage with a creamy texture.

Lip Products- I cannot survive without lip balm , days I forget it are bad days. I couldn't find this lip balm when taking photos it was most likely in a bag somewhere but despite this I will talk about it , cherry carmex is my favourite I love cherry flavours and I think it really repairs my lips whilst making them soft. I don't often do this but you could take your  lip colour with you to re touch in the day , I prefer a light natural colour for school and the MUA one is a beautiful light peach and a real steal at only a £1. My preference is a tinted lip balm and I love my new baby lips I think its nourishing whilst giving off a sheer but pretty colour.

Last but not least hair !
I find that in pe when you get a bit sweaty dry shampoo really refreshes your hair and makes it look clean. I also like it because it gives you  a lot of volume if you spray into the roots of your hair.

I have been loving this dry shampoo recently and I love the smell it makes my hair smell all sweet whilst keeping it fresh. I recommend the travel size so it doesn't take up allot of space in your bag. When it comes to brushing your hair the tangle teaser is just amazing , this is another thing I had stored away somewhere when I needed to show it ! It is small , compact and can tame the tangliest of hair , I have really knotty hair and it works through my hair without pulling it out !

Those are my essentials 
I hope you had a fab day 

Maddy xx


  1. I definitely agree with all of these... also for people who wear contacts its best to carry around spare ones :p

    - hana